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Recombinomics - The Website of Virologist Henry Niman

Especially check out Dr. Niman's radio interviews and his frequent audio updates, "The Dr. Niman Show." Dr. Niman gives somewhat frequent interviews to Jeff Rense of The last was January 23rd at 11 pm Eastern. It can be heard at:

He is giving another one-hour interview tonight, January 24th, at 11 pm Eastern. It can be heard live at:


Avian Flu Diary

Is China Virus Count Too Low?
This January 22nd Washington Post article provides evidence that some recent deaths in Wuhan, which have not been attributed to the novel coronavirus, may in fact have been due to it. This is one indication that the "case fatality rate" of about 3%, which some are estimating now, may be a large underestimate. In addition, a number of people have pointed out that when there were only 300 known cases of SARS there were only five known deaths and a case fatality rate of less than 2% was being imagined. That's because many of those people simply hadn't died yet. Ultimately there were about 8,000 SARS cases, with about 800 deaths, a case fatality rate of about 10%.

January 23rd Caixin Report

"A Hong Kong-based virologist who helped identify the coronavirus that caused SARS has weighed in on the current outbreak with some sobering words. 'I’ve never felt scared,” he told Caixin on Thursday. “This time I’m scared.'

Guan Yi, who heads the University of Hong Kong’s State Key Laboratory of Emerging Infectious Diseases, said he traveled to Wuhan this week expecting the city to be on a war footing. He said despite strong words from China’s central authorities, that’s not what he saw. 'I don't think the local government has done what it should do. They haven’t even been handing out quarantine guides to people who were leaving the city.'

Guan told Caixin he feared the spread of this virus could be over 10 times larger than SARS, and that the lockdown implemented Thursday was unlikely to be effective because the window for controlling its spread ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday had already closed."

In light of the current situation it is not unreasonable to be concerned that we may possibly be at the beginning of a worldwide pandemic, within a few months or less, which would make the movie "Contagion" somewhat prophetic. Thus, it would be wise to make sure you are following general disaster preparedness recommendations, which are always a good idea anyway. Here are some links:

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies - Disaster Preparedness - Prepare for a Flu Pandemic

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